Water Damage Prevention – Kitchens

140470377Water damage can happen in any room of your home, but they happen more frequently in the kitchen, bathroom, and/or laundry rooms.  Even the smallest leaks can cause significant damage to your home and personal belongings.

✔ Sink – Check the caulk around the sink and re-caulk if necessary. Check to see if you have any slow-draining pipes. If so, look under the sink for any signs of water leaks.

✔ Dishwasher – Check under the sink to see if the hose connecting to the water supply line is secure and is not leaking. Carefully check heck around the base of the dishwasher for discolored, warped, or soft flooring materials. This area often goes unchecked in most homes until it is too late.

✔ Refrigerator – Does your refrigerator have connections for water and ice? If so, check the hose connections to ensure that they are attached properly and securely to the water supply line. As with the dishwater are, this to is often overlooked until its too late. Make it a point to check these areas regularly. Perhaps during spring cleaning.

If you are affected by water damage in these areas, it is essential that you have trained professionals assist you in repairing the damage. Give our 24/7 emergency response team a call at (877) 520-1923.


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