Water Damage, What Do You Do?…

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Water Damage What Do You Do?

1. Catastrophic water damage from a broken plumbing pipe or sewer line can be costly however; if you confront the issue quickly you should be able to keep yourself from incurring more extensive damages thus resulting in smaller losses.

2.  As water begins to travel through building material it creates damage as it goes.
More water increases your chances of having extensive damages. If you act quickly and have the water extracted immediately you may be able to save yourself from further damage to your home.

3. No one can prevent water damage, no one can prevent plumbing system failure, and no one can prevent sewage back up. YOU CAN PREVENT MOLD. The key to preventing a secondary damage such as mold is to act fast! Make sure to dry-out the affected areas by having a professional restoration company use proper drying equipment and restore the moisture levels back to normal.

4. This can be done by calling a water damage restoration company to start the dry out process within 24 hours from the time the damage occurs. Restoration companies are equipped with high quality commercial dry out equipment such as dehumidifiers, air movers, desiccant, axial fans, etc.

5. Once all water has been extracted and all necessary water damaged materials have been removed, the restoration company will employ the proper drying equipment in order to control moisture and dry out the building material.

Water Damage never comes at an ideal time, however when it does occur remember unfortunately it happens to everyone and there is little that can be done to control it. We can however, choose to Be smart! Make sure you enlist the help of a licensed professional restoration company.

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