Water Damage Advice...

Water damageis any damage which results from water. It could be water spilled on floors, carpets, notebooks, your laptop computer or a catastrophic natural event such as a flood.

Most people are faced with some degree of water damage at one time or another. Anything from a leaky pipe or faucet to heavy rains, storms and even on occasion, forgetting to turn off a running facet in the bathroom or kitchen.

Water leaks and floods will often leave visible signs on your home’s structure such as sagging walls and ceilings. But, you cannot assume that all of the water damage will be visible. It is important to look for other potential problems such as wood swelling or warping which can cause issues with its ability to do the job for which it was intended.

Untreated floors and ceilings are at risk for collapsing unexpectedly. Electrical issues caused by water…

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