How Do I Know If I Have Mold?

Los Angeles, CA, 30 October 2012 – Water Damage Zone & Restoration Inc is one of the best companies in the Los Angeles area that handles mold removal

VISUAL MOLD IN BATHTUBDetecting mold can be hard unless you are a professional.   There are many types and forms of mold that are not visible to the naked eye, although you can often detect mold with your nose.  It may be hard to believe it, but more often than not the nose knows!  So if you are trying to figure out if you have mold in your home, let your nose be your guide.  If you enter your home after work or school – basically after your house has been closed up for a bit – and there is a musty, stuffy or bad smell, this is a huge indicator that you might have mold.  It might be helpful to have a friend, neighbor or houseguest take a whiff and see if they smell something that is “off”.

The next important step is to contact an experienced mold assessment and removal service.  The reality is that only a professional can tell you with certainty whether your home has mold.  I definitely advise using a professional that you trust – not just a random phonebook find – and having an inspection done.  The most reputable firms will offer a free inspection so you can find out if you actually have mold in your home.

During the inspection, the firm should perform both a visual inspection and an air inspection.  You should notify the firm if you have any flood damage, water damage or plumbing leaks so that they can do an extra thorough check in those areas.  A thorough inspection should include the insides of your cabinets, behind toilets and other plumbing fixtures, around and behind baseboards and closet doors, in and around any bubbling paint, in basements and attics and around windows.  If the company detects any suspicious looking or smelling substances, they will test it to see if it is mold.

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