Mold Cleanup is Water Damage Zone, Inc Specialty

Mold Removal Los AngelesEarly detection of mold can help keep remediation procedures from being extensive and lengthy, but it should be known that mold which is detected early, is usually the kind that can be seen with the naked eye. Since mold growth can occur without any visible signs, professionals like Water Damage Los Angeles initiate a mold purging process that utilizes advanced and innovative techniques during mold assessment and preliminary inspection. ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index) samples from infected surface, air and water are collected for analysis using infrared thermal imaging technology for accurate detection. Once mold detection is completed, the mold removal process begins, which results in physically ripping or removing the mold from infected areas, which is a more difficult and costly process. Once remediation and clean up are completed the experienced specialists at Water Damage Los Angeles will examine new ERMI samples in independent laboratories to check for effectiveness and success of the remediation

Where is Mold Found?

As long as moisture, humidity, and warm weather conditions are found, will there be the possibility of mold growth. Mold can therefore form anywhere and anytime, surviving on most surfaces, including but not limited to: AC ducts, ceilings, walls, wallpapers, closets, fences, carpets, curtains, articles of clothing, or shoes. Places that manage or interact with the flow of water including sink basins, plumbing systems, showers, or sprinklers are especially susceptible to mold contamination, and are usually one of the primary areas to check in finding the mold source. Persons who reside by the water or in areas with constant rainfall should be especially vigilant, and should take the proper precautions towards testing for mold.

It is commonly assumed that all mold are lethal and injurious to health. Mold can often times be classified as toxigenic, pathogenic or allergenic based on how an individual reacts to exposure. Prolonged exposure to active mold colonies cause chronic respiratory ailments, nasal congestion, and skin irritations. Children, pregnant women, and people suffering from illnesses, are at risk for serious health impacts from exposure to mold, especially if it is digested or inhaled as it may lead to microbial infections.

Besides the inherit health risks that individuals experience form mold exposure, this fungus can cause extensive damage to entire structures and buildings, and if not resolved early, will result in expensive damage control.

Water Damage Zone, Inc is specializing in the following restoration services:


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