Is Mold = Lack of Cleaning?

Mold RemovalMold can be a problem in any home and doesn’t indicate lack of cleanliness. Bathrooms are particularly susceptible to mold, especially when not properly ventilated. Running an exhaust fan or opening a window as often as possible when moisture is present in the room can prevent mold problems.

General mold clean-up procedures begin with identifying and repairing any leaky plumbing or other water issues as quickly as possible. People with health issues, especially respiratory problems, should wear a mask when cleaning up mold. Put on rubber gloves and completely and thoroughly scrub all moldy surfaces with some laundry or dish soap and water. Wipe the treated area with a diluted bleach mixture to ensure all mold is gone. And remember, never mix ammonia and bleach together as it creates a harmful gas. Once the disinfecting is accomplished, dry everything in the treated area completely. Airing out the area is a good idea after treatment if possible.

One way of preventing future mold is to wipe everything down with a good strong pine cleaner. Not only will it smell good, but it will inhibit mold growth. This trick has been used for many years by yachtsman on painted surfaces below decks to keep everything mold free and is just as effective in homes as well.

Although the above cleanup procedures work well for very small mold issues, such as a small patch of mold in a bathroom, larger mold issues and hidden mold will need to be handled by a Mold remediation professional. In some cases, a longstanding mold problem may have infiltrated ventilation systems and require more stringent cleanup procedures that require professional help.

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