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Water Damage implies huge scale losses arising out of water intrusion, which also lead to disparaging processes like rusting of steel, rotting of wood, de-laminating of plywood and other materials and other such losses. This kind of damage can be sudden like heavy flooding and it can sometime happen slowly like a water spot, which can mar a surface eventually. No matter what form it takes, such damage can result into a huge loss of property, especially for homeowners. Some places are prone to such kind of damages and appropriate measures are also taken to prevent this kind of damage.

Problem with insurance policies and causes of Water Damage

Not all the homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage for Water Damage, neither all the policies cover the cost related to restoration of water damage. One of the usual issues of such damage in a residential area is the breakdown of sump pump, and normally a homeowner’s insurance policy does not offer coverage for such costs. Some of the other causes of water damage include:

  • Leaking and bursting pipes
  • Build up in places that gathers water like attics, basement and crawl spaces
  • Problem with plumbing system
  • Malfunctioning and fault in household appliances
  • Weather related and natural disaster problems

 Availing Water Damage restoration service

To tackle the Water Damage, one has to avail of water damage restoration services offered by many companies nowadays. This service helps in restoring lost or damaged property to its pre-loss state. Some of the states have certifying bodies that prescribe standards for restoration services as well. Some service providers offer complete package of damage restoration and clean up for the convenience of homeowners and they also put to use latest technology and specialists that can execute the job in the best possible manner. They are capable of handling different types of water damage.

Categories of Water Damage

Water Damage is categorized in many different categories.

  • The first category implies to a water source, which do not pose any big danger to humans like sink overflows, broken supply lines, etc.
  • The second category include a water source, which comprise of significant level of chemical, physical, or biological contaminants and can lead to sickness when consumed or exposed to like sump pump failure, hydrostatic failure leading to seepage etc.
  • The last category also called ‘Black Water’ is very contaminated. This water source consists of harmful bacteria, unsanitary agents, and can cause sickness as well as discomfort. This category includes sewage, rising water from streams and rivers, seawater, standing or surface water, etc.

Things to remember

As far as restoration of Water Damage is concerned, it makes use of many measures and methods for different categories of water damage. The method of restoration used for water damage depends on amount of water as well as the time for which the water source has remained stagnant. At times, these damages lead to molds in living space as well and can lead to serious health hazards. To stay away from such problems one should always hire the service of a certified provider of damage restoration service.

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