Causes and Effects of Fire Damage

Causes and Effects of Fire Damage

Fires that rage through homes and gut through buildings usually have their origins as follows:

Smoking – Cigarette related fires are attributable to cigarette butts which are not put out properly and thoroughly.  This includes having fallen asleep holding a smoldering cigarette and using flammable materials and items as ashtrays.

Candles – Fires that originate from candles start when the flame, caught by a draught leads to the burning of nearby combustible objects like curtains, rugs, papers, etc.  Some similar causes of candle related fires are when candles tilt from candle holders which are inappropriate for placing candles on or in.

Electrical – Most fires are caused by failed electrical connections in the form of overtly warming wires and defective fuses.  Often electrical fire related incidents start from sparks which do not produce any flames.  It is best not to underestimate the risk that comes from electricity even through the wires, plugs and sockets are correctly installed.

To be able to discern the root causes of fire within a home structure, it very informative to know the subsequent causes of fire that originates from room to room:

Bedrooms – Fires which begin inside bedrooms are often due to the improper utilization of electrical devices.  The overloading of extension cords, use of electric warmers, electric blankets that were not tested for quality upon released from the factory or manufacturing plant can overload the circuits.  During winter season, heaters that are carelessly positioned near flammable materials, clothes and linens generally cause fire.

Kitchen – Of all the rooms within a house, the kitchen is probably the room where most electrical appliances are found.  As such it has many fire hazardous elements and materials within in the form of open fire on stove, grease due to cooking, electrical tools and devices for preparing and cooking food.  Grease fire that comes from frying pans is quite dangerous since it can cause the entire kitchen to be consumed by fire.  The kinds of kitchen fire which are easy to control are the oven fires and dry cooking fires because they are unlikely to cause damage.  It is also best to maintain all kitchen appliances well so as not to be a source of fire.

Fireplace and Heating Devices – Heating devices and fireplaces are designed to create heat and could pose as fire risks if they are not correctly maintained.  Combustible things around the heater in the form of curtains, clothes or wall paper must be removed and placed at a safe distance.  Fireplaces that do not have a screen allow sparks from the fire to fly into the room where it is situated. And that can cause fire once the embers land on items or materials that can easily burn.

Fire damage requires doing a very grueling cleanup aside from necessitating the correct tools and equipment to do the restoration procedures.  It is recommended that a professional fire damage expert company is hired in order to do the task of cleaning. This is to be able to establish or segregate the items which could be repaired or changed.  All items that can be restored will be cleaned and brought back to its pre-fire damage state by professional fire cleaning experts to the best of their ability.

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