Fire Damage Preventive Measures for Homeowners

Fire Damage Preventive Measures for Homeowners…

Fire damage cleanup prevention is essential to be able to anticipate a potential dangerous situation. It is important because it keeps neighboring homeowners from being exposed to safety hazards. Making it a point to hook up a smoke alarm in key areas within your home is one preventive measure you can take. It would be good to check on your smoke alarms on a regular basis to ensure that it is working. This is detrimental to the safety of your house and the people living with you as well. Do not forget to constantly change the batteries of the smoke alarms inside your house.

Maintaining and organizing your appliances and electrical wirings is another step to prevent fires. Try to avoid having an overloaded circuit board and do not plug too many sockets in a single extension cord. In addition, keep cords and wires away from fire prone areas such as desks, table cloths and carpets. Make sure that you leave the area immediately in the event that you smell something burning. When you notice this, leave the appliance unplugged and do not try plugging it back in. moreover, unplug appliances that aren’t being used to save energy consumption and possible electrical grounds. Take the necessary safety precautions by placing a safety cap on sockets that aren’t being used by plugs. If you have young toddlers who crawl around the house, this is extremely important.

Installing water sprinklers around your house is the final step you can take to prevent a fire from starting in your house. Although some people may think that this is an unnecessary expense, there are a lot of affordable water sprinklers out in the market which can fit your budget. Since these mechanisms lessen the chances of a fire starting and destroying your homes, this is definitely a wise investment. All the steps mentioned are highly recommended and should be taken seriously so that you can protect your home from a potential fire situation.

Steps and Categories to Follow when Dealing with a Fire Damage Situation

If ever you have to deal with a fire damage cleanup situation, there are various steps you can follow so you can deal with the situation with the right materials. These steps can be differentiated by certain categories. The first category falls under materials that are soft. This included carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains and clothes. You will need to use a heavy-duty vacuum to take out the soot deposits when you are handling these types of material. Don’t forget that the soot will only be absorbed more by the material if you move the vacuum erratically. Try your best to avoid the old fashioned way of using soap and a scrubber to clean the dark stains and dirt off when you are cleaning your carpets. To be able to get an estimate of the damage done on your carpet and to find a quick solution to restore it to the way it was, your best option would be to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Also, to remove the smoke odor from your curtains and clothes, use the appropriate chemicals that will leave them smelling good. Don’t forget to look at the labels of your curtains and clothes so you can determine what specific chemicals you have to use.

Porous hard materials are included in the second category in dealing with a fire damage cleanup. Painted surfaces, plaster, wallpaper and raw wood are all included in this category. Removing the soot by using a chemical sponge that is dry is the first thing you should while dealing with these kinds of materials. Inspect the damaged walls and determine if a paint job is necessary afterwards right after the soot has been taken out completely. To see the extent of the fire damage, you can take down all the wallpapers, which will also save you more time and money as well. Use fans to air out the bad odor after you have stripped the walls clean and make sure all doors and windows are open as well.

The last category falls under porous hard materials. Metals, glass and appliances are all part of this category. When you are cleaning damaged furniture, ensure that you are using industrial sponges along with a chemical cleaning agent.

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