Water Damage Problems? BE READY!

Water Damage Problems? BE READY! 

Catastrophic water damage from plumbing broken pipe and sewer line can be costly but the faster you respond to the damage the less cost you will need to spend. As water starts traveling through building material it create damage as it goes. More water will cause more damage and the faster the removal process begins the less damage it will make.

Water Damage Equipment

Water Damage Equipment

No one can prevent water damage, no one can prevent plumbing system failure, and no one can prevent sewage back up. YOU CAN PREVENT MOLD. The key of preventing a secondary damage such as mold is to act fast and moisture free the affected areas. That can be done by calling a water damage Restoration Company and start the dry out process with less than 24 hours from the time the damage started.

Restoration companies are equipped with high quality dry out equipment including dehumidifier, air movers, desiccant, axial fan. As soon as all water has been extracted and porous material has been removed, the restoration company will employ those dry out equipment to control moisture and dry the non-porous building material in order to assure the property owner that mold preventing process has begun.

Insurance companies encourage home owners to start dry out process as soon as the home owner discovers the damage. The faster the dry out process begins the less money the insurance company will need pay.

There is never a good time for water damage. But water damage does happen and it happens to all of us. We cannot control it, we can’t stop it, and we can’t anticipate it. The best way the deal with water damage is to stay calm, relax, and be smart.

Let’s face it; statistically, home owners will experience water damage in their life. Some home owners will face more than one water damage problem, but for most home owners, it is usually the first time they come across water damage and the first normal reaction is frustration and panic “What do I do?”. The truth is; there is not much you can do yourself and the first step is to call a water damage Restoration Company that can be at your property within 45 min and start extracting the water.

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