Fire Damage and Smoke Cleanup Prevention Tips

Fire Damage and Smoke Cleanup Prevention Tips…

Fire and smoke damage can be physically and emotionally devastating. The devastation of a fire in one’s home is already traumatic enough to keep one thinking, how can I protect myself and my family? Fires are preventable although, every once in a while they do happen. The smoke and soot can travel and penetrate from room to room affecting the paint, carpet, clothes and everything else you possess and care deeply about. Within the house, cigarette smoke can damage the home if left unattended. The main thing here is carelessness. Don’t leave cigarettes unattended just like at an airport you don’t leave your baggage’s unattended do you? Okay I was going a bit overboard there but you get the picture. Make sure you extinguish those cigarettes before you sleep. Watch the cooking, keep an eye on that stove. Make sure all appliances are safely unplugged and all electrical equipment and tools are unplugged. Most importantly watch those kids, I know they get curious and start playing with the lighters and electrical equipment. Have a talk with them about not doing that.

It’s not a good idea to inhale smoke. Let me reiterate it’s a terrible idea to inhale smoke.
However, sometimes the smoke caused by a fire is too overwhelming and you have no choice but to inhale. We all need to breathe, but here is what happens if you do breathe in the smoke. It causes health problems. The heat first off damages the tissues of the respiratory tract. When the body doesn’tget sufficient amount of oxygen to the tissues you get asphyxiation. The smoke contains carbon monoxide, which is deadly and gets in the way of your body’s ability to carry oxygen. This all sounds terrible and it is but on the bright side smoke, once it enters into the body it cools down rather quickly. The full effects of the smoke inhalation will only be known several days after the initial exposure.

I’m not going to lie these tasks ahead of you are difficult, frustrating, and emotional and I hate to be negative but you get the point. First off, relax and get out your radio. Play some relaxing and soothing music. Then make sure you wear some gloves and a gas mask. Okay, now you’re ready to start. Put fans around your house to blow away the remaining smoke out the windows. Take out all the food products that may be contaminated by the smoke. Then clean your appliances by disinfecting them. Check the air conditioning unit and replace air filters because they are most likely going to be filled with soot. Lastly, you are going to want to repaint the walls. Yes, it is a lot of work but you have that radio to play whatever you want. You can sing or dance as you clean up the smoke. Don’t worry,
no one said it was going to be quick so take your time and do it right.

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