What is a Flood Damage?


Floods are the result of water levels rising beyond its limit. There are various causes of floods such as heavy rainfall, high river levels, and over saturated soil which cause water damage. Flood damage occurs and becomes a problem when heavy rain meets the urban areas and transforms a parking area or street into a rapid flow of water. Flood damage can cause infectious diseases, the end result being water damage. This in turn, has damaging and dangerous effects to the environment, and causes severe water damage and flood damage to ones property. Water damages the property and once it dries mold can form making the area unhealthy for individuals to dwell in.


There are two types of floods all of which are devastating and cause flood damage and water damage. One type is called river flood. This type of flood is when the water in the river rises above the edge of the river resorting in water damage. This results in water overflowing and going over the side of the river causing flood damage. When this happens, water damages neighboring buildings and roads causing mold. Another type of flood is known as a flash flood which causes devastating flood damage. This type of flood occurs, when a wall of water quickly sweeps through an area at a rapid pace causing severe water damage.


After the devastating flood has ravaged through ones home, cleaning the flood damage is a daunting task which needs to be done meticulously. First wear waterproof boots and gloves for protection. Flood water is contaminated with lots of mud and other particles picked up along the floods path causing water damage, it is hazardous to one’s health. Badly soaked wallpaper due to water damage must be removed however; washable wallpaper can be cleaned using soap or detergent. The foundation must be inspected for movement to make sure it is safe after the flood damage. The basement area will need to be pumped out a little each day. If this task is done too quickly the water pressure outside the basement will be too much and result in the ceiling collapsing and further flood damage. Wood flooring must be dried out slowly to prevent cracking. A dehumidifier must then be used to clean furniture to prevent mold from forming due to water damage.


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