7 Tips for Preventing Residential Water Damage

7 Tips for Preventing Residential Water Damage…

Often times, the water damage that occurs in homes could be easily avoided by following a few precautionary steps. Below are seven simple tips that might help you avoid thousands of dollars in unnecessary cleanup expenses.

1. Periodically, check under all the sinks in your home for leaking pipes.  Pay attention to slow-draining pipes, as this could be a sign of some type of blockage which could lead to future water damage. Re-caulk around sinks and pipes that appear to be old or deteriorating.

2. If your bathrooms floors are tiled make sure there are no cracks or grout areas missing. To prevent water damage, you need to ensure that all grout is intact and properly sealed.

3. Know where the main water shut off valve for your house is located. Being able to quickly stop the flow of water in an emergency could save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary water damage repairs.

4. Monitor your water meter usage while all water producing appliances in your house are turned off.  Check the meter every few minutes for about an hour to see if there are any changes. If the meter shows water usage, you might have a pipe leak somewhere.

5. If you own a refrigerator with a built in icemaker, periodically check the connection hose for leaks and cracks. Immediately replace the faulty hose.

6. Dishwashers are a common source of water damage in the kitchen that could possibly be avoided if properly monitored. Periodically check around the dishwasher for discolored or warped materials and inspect the hose that connects the dishwasher to the main water line; replace as indicated.

7. Check the caulking around your bathtubs and toilets. Discolorations, cracks, or mold could be a sign of trouble. Re-caulk any problem areas as soon as possible.

By doing these things you can rest a little easier, knowing that your major home appliances are in good working order and less likely to cause future water damage.


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