Water Damage Encino Unveils New Services

CA, US - Oct 10 2012 – Water Damage Encino has announced effective and convenient services for residents of CA, who might suffer because of Flood Damage.

All home owners go to great extents to maintain their houses in best conditions possible for the comfort of their loved ones. They also want to add value to their living spaces. However unfortunate instances of flooding happen due to a variety of reasons; from a leak in the plumbing to that in the basement. It could also be because of water heater bursting or a variety of other reasons; one has to take swift action to control the damage done by flooding.

And that’s where Water Damage Encino, a reputed and reliable company comes in. They offer residents in the region timely and effective solutions for their Flood Damage problem so that things don’t get out of control. One needs to realize that swift action must be taken if there is any flooding in the house because not only is it uncomfortable for people living in the house, it can lead to major long term damages and also lead to growth of mold, which can be a health hazard.

With its experienced team members the company comes to the rescue of home owners. The team does its best to understand the extent of damage by flooding and takes home owners through the steps that might be involved in restoration of the house to its original state. Moreover a reasonable quote for the services offered is provided right at the onset so home owners know exactly what they are getting into.

Water Damage Encino also serves the following areas: Canyon County, Rolling Hills, Burbank, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, Torrance, Santa Clarita, Westchester and many others cities surrounding in the los angeles county area.

Water Damage Encino is specializing in the following restoration services and associate with Water Damage Zone and Restoration, inc:

Sewage Clean Up Tarzana helps in better clean up of broken sewages

Sewage damages can prove to be very perilous for your health. Sewage damage is something you should not ignore because ignoring it means risking your entire families health. Sewage water damages carry a number of germs bacteria and viruses. These bacteria carry numerous diseases, which could affect the health of your family. If you find any of the broken sewage lines near your house have, it should be fixed instantly to avoid any of the health related problems. Sewage Clean Up Tarzana will help you to clean the sewages of your surroundings properly.

Services provided by Sewage Clean Up Tarzana 

  • Sewage Clean Up Tarzana provides free assessment and survey of sewage-damaged area.
  • They provide full clean up of carpets, hardwood floors, and other sewage affected areas.
  • They deodorize the surroundings to eliminate the bad odor of sewage.
  • They help in extraction of sewage water and removal of garbage and impurities with the help of equipments.
  • They also provide emergency services for sewage clean up.
  • They have certified and talented staff for solving all kinds of sewage related problems.

Damages caused by the broken sewage lines

The sewage damages could be caused by the toilet overflows or plumbing problems or broken pipe. The broken pipes could be found anywhere including flooded bathrooms or basements. The important part is how to get rid of these damages after they have occurred. The best option to clean up the sewage damages is to call Sewage Clean Up Tarzana service to solve this problem.

What help a professional can give you regarding sewage clean up 

It is quiet impossible to clean the sewage without the help of professional. Cleaning sewage with yourself could prove hazardous and toxic to your health. It may even damage your home structurally. If you leave the sewage without treatment, it would result in water damage and contaminated air in the surroundings. Therefore, it is very much important to take the service of experienced professional for sewage cleanup that uses advanced equipments. Only Sewage Clean up Tarzana can provide you good-trained professionals.

Disasters caused by dirty sewages

The types of organism that thrive in sewage are numerous in terms and they should be away from your family and business as soon as possible. Sewage contains bacteria and many toxic organisms, which if left untreated could prove very much dangerous for your health. Trained and experienced professionals know the best way to treat the contaminated area. They dry the area properly and treats the bacteria chemically to avoid there growth. They sanitize the sewage-affected area very well.  Therefore, if your sewage system is broken up or you are suffering from any of the sewage related problems then do not delay and just hurry up to solve this disastrous problem. Take the help of best company that is sewage Clean Up Tarzana. It will definitely solve all your sewage related problems in best possible manner. Save your home, furniture, business, carpets and other valuable things from further sewage damages. You can just do all this in a very efficient and speedy process. Clean your home and surroundings to have a safe germ free environment.

Water Damage Tarzana  also serves the following areas: Canyon CountyRolling HillsBurbankRedondo BeachLos AngelesTorranceWestchester, Santa Monica, and many others cities surrounding in the los angeles county area.

Water Damage Tarzana is specializing in the following restoration services and associate with Water Damage Zone and Restoration, inc:

Smoke Damage – Your Health, Your Home, Your Business

Smoke Damage – Your Health, Your Home, Your Business…

The most commonly downplayed effects of fires in homes and business establishments is in the general health condition of the people who come in contact with the remnants of the fiery event. Not only is there damage and destruction to property and valuable belongings, the person who comes in contact with smoke and fumes from a burned structure is greatly predisposed to developing a variety of health problems. Although these health problems may not be immediately seen nor felt, in due time and with the interplay of other aggravating factors such as the person’s diet, immune system functioning, and overall skin integrity, clinical manifestations will present. By this time, any preventive measures will be for naught and treatment modalities will be a costly affair to begin with.

Smoke Damage

It is almost always possible that small fires can occur right in the very confines of our homes brought about by any of, but not limited to, the following causes: a left open gas stove, leaking gas or fuel hoses, embers from cigars and cigarettes, and overheating appliances, among others. What makes smoke damage cleanup an intimidating task is that smoke and soot can move and penetrate into other rooms or areas of the house while from fires can greatly affect the paint of walls, furniture, and fixtures, carpet, upholstery, drapes, clothing, and other family articles which further adds to the extent of the damage.

Smoke damages the very complex structural network of fibers that strengthens and or solidifies a certain object by chemically reacting with the different molecules that make up the structure. What happens is that the molecular and chemical bonds between the various elements and molecules are broken down into component parts, rendering them unstable in the outside environment. Sometimes, smoke damaged articles still retain a certain amount of heat such that the burning process continues to damage and or weaken the structure and form of the article affected.

Health Concerns

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs are composed of over 100 different chemicals that are formed during the incomplete burning of combustible materials and other organic substances. In controlled laboratory experiments, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were shown to produce fertility problems among laboratory mice. The offspring of the lab mice also showed significantly greater rates of birth defects and low birth weights.

The same studies also revealed that some analogs of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons caused skin problems, body fluid abnormalities, and immune system defects among laboratory specimens. However, the implications are not readily generalizable to the human population because of ethics in research on human subjects.

Whether or not soot has really carcinogenic, mutagenic, and or even teratogenic effects on humans, it is relatively safe to assume that this byproduct of smoke from fires is something that should not be taken very lightly.

The Anatomy of Fire and Smoke

Fire occurs because of three fundamental elements that include air or oxygen, fuel or energy, and heat. Removing any of these elements and you can never start a fire, not even an ember. So, to start a fire, a highly combustible material must get in contact oxygen in the atmosphere to initiate a series of chemical reaction that, upon the application or introduction of the third element which is heat, fire is produced. Now, so long as there is a ready supply of combustible material vis-à-vis fuel load and a steady presence of oxygen in the atmosphere fire continue to exist because as oxygen and the combustible material react, they tend to give off heat, raising the heat element some more and fueling the fiery process in a vicious cycle.

In the birth of a fire, a heating element such as a match, a lighted candle, an electrical spark, or even friction, heats the combustible fuel load to very high temperatures, well within what is known as the material’s ignition temperature. By the time the combustible materials reaches around 150o Celsius (or 300o Fahrenheit), the heat already begins decomposing some of the cellulose that is found in the fuel load. The resulting chemical reaction releases unstable and explosive gases into the air which form what we see and are known to us as smoke. Smoke is primarily composed of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon molecules. The materials that remain after the volatile gases have been released into the air as smoke make up the hardly recognizable char, as in “charcoal” which is made up of almost pure carbon. The combustible material which is left unburned or not turned into gas is called the ash and includes minerals such as calcium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium, and others. As such, charcoal fire can burn without the smoke as we usually use in our weekend barbecue activities.

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Water Damage Repairs for Residential and Business Now in Moorpark, California

Water Damage Zone and Restoration Inc., is a full service family owned Water Damage Repair and Restoration Company, now providing 24 hour water damage and flood cleanup emergency services to Moorpark California and surrounding areas.

24/7 Emergency Services

Water Damage Repairs for Moorpark, California Include:

* 24 Hour Emergency Service
* Residential Water Damage Loss
* Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration
* Basement drying
* Crawl Space Damage Cleanup and drying
* Flood Damage and Cleanup
* Water and Sewage Extraction
* Sewage Cleanup
* Mold Remediation
* Structural Drying
* Disinfection & Sanitization
* Pack-out/Pack-back Water Damage Repair
* Surface Area Drying
* Decontamination & Sanitation
* Disinfecting
* Dehumidification
* Damaged Carpet Removal
* Direct billing to Insurance

Water Damage Zone and Restoration is Insured, Licensed and Bonded. Providing 24/7 emergency water damage and flood cleanup services

Call to schedule an appointment for a free estimate or immediate service: (888) 603-5290

Visit our Website (http://waterdamagemoorpark.net) for more information about our company and services. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have a question. Our family owned and operated company strives on customer satisfaction.

Water Damage Emergency Do’s and Don’ts…

Water Damage Emergency Do’s and Don’ts…

Water damage will be found in 3 dimensions. Water always seeks equilibrium with its environment and wet always goes to dry, if it can. Just finding the extent of water damage on the floor isn’t enough. The water damage needs to be mapped to determine how far up the walls it has wicked, and how far down into the substrate the water damage has gone, including possibly entering the crawlspace in a conventional foundation. This can’t be done by touch. Very specialized water damage inspection tools and meters will be required, and every water damage professional has them.

A thorough understanding of water damage demands every water damage contractor be familiar with the “science of drying” also called psychrometry. Ask your water damagecontractor what the dry standard is of each structural component suffering potential water damage. With proper water damage inspection tools and water damage experience, he should be able to tell you on a scale of 100 points the moisture content of the water damaged materials. If he can’t, call a different water damage restoration professional. Make sure your water damage restoration contractor draws a “moisture map” of the affected areas showing the full extent of the water damage migration, and that he updates the map regularly to show the progress of the water damage/structural drying project.

12 Water Damage Emergency Do’s and Don’ts…

  1. Remove as much water as possible by mopping or sweeping
  2. Wipe furniture dry and block it up to allow the base to dry
  3. Lift draperies off the carpet, loop through a coat hanger, and place the hanger on the drapery rod
  4. Remove wet area rugs or other loose floor coverings
  5. Open furniture drawers, closet doors, and luggage to enhance drying
  6. Move photos, paintings, and art objects to a safe, dry location
  7. Remove wet fabrics and dry them as soon as possible
  8. Remove damp books from shelves and spread them out to dry
  9. Do not use ordinary household vacuum to remove water
  10. Do not use electrical appliances while on wet carpet or wet floors
  11. Do not go into rooms with standing water if the electricity is still on
  12. Do not lift tacked down carpet without professional help. Lifting the carpet incorrectly could damage the backing

A professional water damage restoration contractor should select the structural drying equipment in a scientific method based on materials, size of the water damage area, and the class and category of the water damage. At the very least he should be certified in applied structural drying and water damage restoration.

Causes and Effects of Fire Damage

Causes and Effects of Fire Damage

Fires that rage through homes and gut through buildings usually have their origins as follows:

Smoking - Cigarette related fires are attributable to cigarette butts which are not put out properly and thoroughly.  This includes having fallen asleep holding a smoldering cigarette and using flammable materials and items as ashtrays.

Candles – Fires that originate from candles start when the flame, caught by a draught leads to the burning of nearby combustible objects like curtains, rugs, papers, etc.  Some similar causes of candle related fires are when candles tilt from candle holders which are inappropriate for placing candles on or in.

Electrical – Most fires are caused by failed electrical connections in the form of overtly warming wires and defective fuses.  Often electrical fire related incidents start from sparks which do not produce any flames.  It is best not to underestimate the risk that comes from electricity even through the wires, plugs and sockets are correctly installed.

To be able to discern the root causes of fire within a home structure, it very informative to know the subsequent causes of fire that originates from room to room:

Bedrooms – Fires which begin inside bedrooms are often due to the improper utilization of electrical devices.  The overloading of extension cords, use of electric warmers, electric blankets that were not tested for quality upon released from the factory or manufacturing plant can overload the circuits.  During winter season, heaters that are carelessly positioned near flammable materials, clothes and linens generally cause fire.

Kitchen – Of all the rooms within a house, the kitchen is probably the room where most electrical appliances are found.  As such it has many fire hazardous elements and materials within in the form of open fire on stove, grease due to cooking, electrical tools and devices for preparing and cooking food.  Grease fire that comes from frying pans is quite dangerous since it can cause the entire kitchen to be consumed by fire.  The kinds of kitchen fire which are easy to control are the oven fires and dry cooking fires because they are unlikely to cause damage.  It is also best to maintain all kitchen appliances well so as not to be a source of fire.

Fireplace and Heating Devices – Heating devices and fireplaces are designed to create heat and could pose as fire risks if they are not correctly maintained.  Combustible things around the heater in the form of curtains, clothes or wall paper must be removed and placed at a safe distance.  Fireplaces that do not have a screen allow sparks from the fire to fly into the room where it is situated. And that can cause fire once the embers land on items or materials that can easily burn.

Fire damage requires doing a very grueling cleanup aside from necessitating the correct tools and equipment to do the restoration procedures.  It is recommended that a professional fire damage expert company is hired in order to do the task of cleaning. This is to be able to establish or segregate the items which could be repaired or changed.  All items that can be restored will be cleaned and brought back to its pre-fire damage state by professional fire cleaning experts to the best of their ability.

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4th of July Fire Safety Tips and Resources

4th of July Fire Safety Tips and Resources…

There is roughly more than $35,000,000 per year in fire damages nationally. These fires are due to fireworks, and decorations that are accented with fireworks. This ends up being expensive, not only for the government, and insurance companies, but also families who lose everything due to a fire. Even with insurance, families lose their private positions that may not be replicable or their lives.

Under California law, illegal fireworks include sky rockets, bottle rockets, roman candles, aerial shells, firecrackers and other miscellaneous types that explode, go up in the air, or move about the ground in an uncontrollable fashion. Those convicted could be fined up to $50,000 and sent to prison or jail for up to one year.

In 286 communities in the state, “safe and sane” fireworks are permitted. However, State fire officials want to remind those who choose to purchase legal fireworks this year to make sure they purchase only those with the “Safe and Sane” State Fire Marshal seal they are only used in the community where they are purchased. It is illegal to sell, transport, posses, or use any fireworks in areas where they are not allowed. Even“Safe and Sane” fireworks can be dangerous if used unsafely.

Severe burns, amputations, blindness, and, in some cases, deaths are often the result of 4th of July celebrations. CAL FIRE’s Office of the State Fire Marshal has the following tips:

  • Always read directions.
  • Always have an adult present.
  • Use fireworks outdoors only.
  • Never use near dry grass or other flammable materials.
  • Light one at a time. Keep a safe distance.
  • Never point or throw fireworks at another person.
  • Never experiment with fireworks.
  • Have a bucket of water and a hose handy.
  • Never attempt to re-light or “fix” fireworks.
  • Do not wear loose fitting clothing.
  • Never carry fireworks in your pockets.
  • Fireworks are not toys.
  • Use only State Fire Marshal approved fireworks…

4th of July Fire Safety Resources:
Communities Permitting State-Approved Fireworks

List of 290 Communities Permitting State-Approved Fireworks:

24/7 Emergency Fire Damage and Smoke Cleanup Services Now Available in Malibu, California

Water Damage Zone and Restoration Inc., is a full service Water Damage, Fire, Smoke Cleanup and Restoration Company, providing 24/7 water damage and fire, smoke cleanup emergency response and immediate services to Malibu, California and surrounding cities.

Malibu, CA. SCAN ME!
24/7 Emergency Service

Fire Damage and Smoke Cleanup Services for Malibu, California Include: 

•  24 Hour Emergency Service
•  Assessment of damage and inspection of structure
•  Smoke Removal
•  Soot Removal
•  Additional Substance Removal
•  Inspection of Contents
•  Contents Restoration
•  Odor Removal
•  Removal of Acidic Smoke from Surfaces
•  Debris Removal
•  Content Pack Out & Storage
•  Board Up
•  Clean and Deodorize Clothing and Other Items
•  Sanitation
•  Direct billing to Insurance

Water Damage Zone and Restoration, Inc. is Insured, Licensed and Bonded. Providing 24/7 emergency fire damage and smoke cleanup services for Malibu, CA.

Call to schedule an appointment for a free estimate or immediate service: (877) 482-8937

Visit our Website (http://waterdamagemalibu.co) for more information about our company and services. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions. Our family owned and operated company strives on customer satisfaction.

Fire Damage Preventive Measures for Homeowners

Fire Damage Preventive Measures for Homeowners…

Fire damage cleanup prevention is essential to be able to anticipate a potential dangerous situation. It is important because it keeps neighboring homeowners from being exposed to safety hazards. Making it a point to hook up a smoke alarm in key areas within your home is one preventive measure you can take. It would be good to check on your smoke alarms on a regular basis to ensure that it is working. This is detrimental to the safety of your house and the people living with you as well. Do not forget to constantly change the batteries of the smoke alarms inside your house.

Maintaining and organizing your appliances and electrical wirings is another step to prevent fires. Try to avoid having an overloaded circuit board and do not plug too many sockets in a single extension cord. In addition, keep cords and wires away from fire prone areas such as desks, table cloths and carpets. Make sure that you leave the area immediately in the event that you smell something burning. When you notice this, leave the appliance unplugged and do not try plugging it back in. moreover, unplug appliances that aren’t being used to save energy consumption and possible electrical grounds. Take the necessary safety precautions by placing a safety cap on sockets that aren’t being used by plugs. If you have young toddlers who crawl around the house, this is extremely important.

Installing water sprinklers around your house is the final step you can take to prevent a fire from starting in your house. Although some people may think that this is an unnecessary expense, there are a lot of affordable water sprinklers out in the market which can fit your budget. Since these mechanisms lessen the chances of a fire starting and destroying your homes, this is definitely a wise investment. All the steps mentioned are highly recommended and should be taken seriously so that you can protect your home from a potential fire situation.

Steps and Categories to Follow when Dealing with a Fire Damage Situation

If ever you have to deal with a fire damage cleanup situation, there are various steps you can follow so you can deal with the situation with the right materials. These steps can be differentiated by certain categories. The first category falls under materials that are soft. This included carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains and clothes. You will need to use a heavy-duty vacuum to take out the soot deposits when you are handling these types of material. Don’t forget that the soot will only be absorbed more by the material if you move the vacuum erratically. Try your best to avoid the old fashioned way of using soap and a scrubber to clean the dark stains and dirt off when you are cleaning your carpets. To be able to get an estimate of the damage done on your carpet and to find a quick solution to restore it to the way it was, your best option would be to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Also, to remove the smoke odor from your curtains and clothes, use the appropriate chemicals that will leave them smelling good. Don’t forget to look at the labels of your curtains and clothes so you can determine what specific chemicals you have to use.

Porous hard materials are included in the second category in dealing with a fire damage cleanup. Painted surfaces, plaster, wallpaper and raw wood are all included in this category. Removing the soot by using a chemical sponge that is dry is the first thing you should while dealing with these kinds of materials. Inspect the damaged walls and determine if a paint job is necessary afterwards right after the soot has been taken out completely. To see the extent of the fire damage, you can take down all the wallpapers, which will also save you more time and money as well. Use fans to air out the bad odor after you have stripped the walls clean and make sure all doors and windows are open as well.

The last category falls under porous hard materials. Metals, glass and appliances are all part of this category. When you are cleaning damaged furniture, ensure that you are using industrial sponges along with a chemical cleaning agent.

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How to Avoid Fire Damage – No Season Is Safe

Fire Damage, No Season Is Safe….


It is normally expected that fires occur during the summer months when the outside environment’s temperature is high and hot.  This is usually the time when most people maximize the use of their cooling system as well as their electric fans to ease the discomfort of having a leveled temperature and humidity within the insides of the house. Eventually, home owners must do regular checkups and maintenance of all their cooling equipment and apparatus when summer months approach to keep them functioning properly and efficiently.  Most of these systems, once they overheat, can cause fuse to spark and frayed wires to overheat starting a fire.  It is a wise decision to have a licensed electrician to look and inspect all electrical connections to see whether they are safe and in top shape before everything is used overtime.

Fire and Smoke Cleanup and Restoration

In case of a fire disaster, most residential owners due to the lack of any financial resources may want to do the cleaning and restoration procedures by themselves along with the other family members.  While this may sound practical and cost saving, the truth is you are facing a very daunting task of cleaning up the mess and restoring the house to its pre-fire disaster condition, consequently spending more money than expected.

It would also entail an unnecessary length of time to accomplish the task because you do not have the appropriate tools, equipment and gear necessary to do the job efficiently and properly.  It is commonly suggested that an expert or professional fire damage cleaner is hired to do the job.  For at least they have the experience, the knowledge, correct equipment and adequate manpower to engage with the after effects of the fire.  Just make sure that the professional fire damage cleaner you hire has all the legal documents and certificates to prove that they can do the task of proper cleaning and restoration.

Before the Experts Arrive:

Although hiring a professional cleaner is your best option, it is likewise good to know a few basic facts on what to do before professional help arrives:

  1. Before entering or venturing into your fire damaged house, make sure that the structure is safe. Sagging walls and ceilings indicate that the structure may not be safe. Request your local fire department to do an initial survey of the place before you do your own primary investigation.
  2. Remove all soot and ashes that landed on top of appliances, equipment and furniture by using your vacuum cleaner’s blower.
  3. Take out all house plants and clean them up with clean running water. Wash both sides of the leaves and leave them to drip excess water at a dry and clean location outside the house.
  4. Cover rugs and carpets with dry and clean linens or towels to prevent dirt, ashes and grime to further penetrate the materials.
  5. Apply a thin coat of Vaseline or similar products on faucets and other chrome line materials or objects within the fire damaged house to prevent further damage.
  6. Do not attempt to scrub off surfaces that are blackened by smoke and fire.  Leave this particular task to the professional cleaners since more damage can be inflicted once the dirt or smudge penetrates the material of the surface deeply.
  7. All food storage cabinets including freezers and refrigerators must be emptied.  Do not attempt to salvage food and beverages which were exposed to the fire.  Check canned and bottled food for cracks or swelling before setting them aside for later consumption.  It is best to avoid consuming these however.
  8. Clothes and other linens exposed to the smoke of the fire must be brought for washing at a regular laundry company to prevent deeply ingraining the smell of smoke into the fabric.
  9. Before using any electrical appliances affected by the fire, have them checked and cleaned.  This is to make sure that they will function properly and will not be a source of any electrical short circuits at home.

Checking Every Room at Home:

Fires typically have a starting point where they originate and then spread throughout the house.  If immediate help arrives, the fire can be contained at a particular spot of the structure.  But at times due to inevitable delays, the fire goes through the house and consumes everything in its wake before it is thoroughly and effectively put out.  Below is a description of every room within a common residential house to let you know why fire comes from that certain location:

Living Room/Basement – it is common that fireplaces and heating devices or systems are located in the living room and basement.  Heating systems and fireplaces are intended to create heat and are veritable sources of fire risks if they are not well maintained regularly.  Flammable objects like paper, curtains and rugs should be kept away from fireplaces.  Put a screen infront of a fireplace to prevent embers from flying and landing on any combustible material around the room, for this is where the fire usually starts. As for the heating system of the whole house, check the wirings and connections at regular intervals to make sure that the wires are all in good condition.  This must be accomplished by a licensed electrician.

Bedroom – Most bedroom fires are due to smoking cigarettes that are not put out properly and of the improper use of electrical devices like electric blankets, electric warmers and extension cords which were not properly tested and checked prior to their release from the manufacturing plant.  During the cold months as well as the hot months overloading of circuits and hastily positioned flammable materials near heaters and such commonly causes fire.

Kitchen – most household electrical appliances and tools can be found in the kitchen.  Gas valves, grease and open fire are likewise present making it a very hazardous room if it is not properly maintained.  All things inside the kitchen pose as risks when careful usage is not implemented and caution is thrown to the wind. Make sure to clean up the grease that comes from cooking and frying, because it can easily catch open flame that can spread fast and wide.  All gas valves not in use must be closed to avoid leakages and seepage.  The pipe lines which connect from the kitchen to the outside source must be constantly inspected for holes or cracks.  Once the gas catches an open flame, fire and explosion can occur. Cleaning and proper maintenance of all electrical appliances for cooking and food preparation is a must to prevent it from becoming a source of fire.

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